In this space dedicated to you, I would like to remind you (if you feel like it) to use a nickname and not your real name, so that you can have all the privacy you deserve. Your story, your outburst, your anger, your funny exit or whatever you decide to write, can be read on the "Here is who you are ..." page, maintaining your privacy without writing your name or surname and only if you you will want it, at the end of the e-mail you sent to the address written on the CONTACTS page you will give me the consent or not to publish your story, your opinion or a simple comment that you did not want to make public or why not also some advice that I am always welcome ... just click on "write me" and you can start your outburst or whatever you want to share or say ... I'll wait for you !!! I would also like to remind you that you can write anything, even a fun outing with your friend, or a holiday or the arrival of a child, life is full of ugly and beautiful things, sharing them will be good for you, but also to whom (if you will) will read your story .... See you soon!

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